The Blue and Orange

Together we can make a difference

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The blue and orange stake pool

We only use the most reliable Linux servers with at least two relays for each node

About us

The blue and Orange was founded by Paul and Lgbeno, Father and Son who created their first node on the Incentivised Test Net (ITN). Their Ticker was Tblue. Lgbeno is a Cardano Ambassador. Paul Is an IT director and has been working in the IT sector managing networks and servers for over 20 years.


Security - Reliability

We use enterprise class Linux servers hosted in UK and German data centres with a 99.99% uptime. The servers are secure and monitored 24/7. When you stake with us you are not locked in and your ADA never leaves your wallet.

Cardano white board

An overview of Cardano with Charles Hoskinson. Developing Cardano is no small feat. There is no other project that has ever been built to these parameters, combining peer reviewed cryptographic research with an implementation in highly secure Haskell code.

Ticker TBO